Monday, January 20, 2014



We finished our Missionary Training Center (MTC) experience on Friday and had the wonderful opportunity to spend some time with the family on Saturday and Sunday, before getting on a plane this morning at 8:41 am to fly to St. Petersburg Russia.  It was sooooo hard to say goodbye to our family and especially to our two beautiful granddaughters.  We had the opportunity to attend the temple together as a family on Saturday and realized how much we look forward to spending eternity with our kids!  We love to laugh with them and definitely spent some time this weekend crying with them, with the thought of our departure. Kathy and I had the opportunity to bear testimony to the kids and my Dad Sunday evening, hear thoughts from the kids and kneel in prayer together.
One thing we will miss in Russia is sitting around with the family eating snacks, playing games and watching sports. We were glad to see the Seahawks and Denver win their divisions and it should be an awesome Super Bowl.  We look forward to an update from the kids on the outcome and I am sure they will have a spectacular super bowl party. It will be a fun super bowl party, as some will be cheering for the Bronco (especially my sister Cindy and her family) and some for the Seahawks (Taylor, Brandon, Shawn and  ???, because Krista was wearing a Bronco’s jersey J).

We will definitely miss our beautiful dog max and my wonderful father, but we left them in very good hands with Krista, Taylor and the other kids. The temperatures in Russia are getting down near zero and the hours of daylight are still dropping, but Kathy and I plan to bring a light to Russia with our laughter and smiles.  Kathy will also have me to keep her warm on those cold Russian nights J. Keep us in your prayers and we will keep you in ours.  Love Elder and Sister Carter

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