Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Countdown Less than one Month:

Kathy and I continue to prepare our finances, home, clothing, religious studies, Russian Language, taxes, life insurance and all the other activities we need to complete before we leave. We are excited and nervous to serve the lord and hope and pray that we will be able to deliver what he has prepared us to do in his orchard. The field is white and ready to harvest and we are young and need to grow. We plan to wake early and work hard all the days of our mission. We realize we will make mistakes and need to take a sense of humor with us as we try to communicate with the wonderful people of Russia.  I have never learned a language so it has been difficult to begin this journey. We are anxious to share this Journey with each of you and will miss all those we love as we depart. Our goal will be to post a note weakly talking about our Journey and hope that you enjoy. I have attached a picture of our family, as family is the basis and reason we came to this earth to learn and to grow.